“Bálint´s supernova”

A portrait of the sky and all it has to offer.

Everybody who know´s me, is aware of the fact, that I am dealing with astrology now for a long time. I consider myself closely related to the eastern (Chinese) astrology, which I am using for a quick analysis of the people surrounding me. To me it is an easy tool of analysis.

But, of course, for going into depth, I visit my astrologer from time to time to counsel me.

Since it´s cold outside and I am looking for retreat, I now wonder through my fantasy and use my intuition for creation, which at the moment wants to be displayed as a portrait of the sky.

I am researching on the starsigns leo and virgo, read about Einstein, time and space, galaxies, stars, the Universe, archetypes, etc.
The color blue is the underlying color to these new works.

“Bálint´s supernova” – new works in the making, Nov.2020

Text and picture by Eva-Maria Biribauer, 2020


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