Studio opening – „pillangó csók“ is alive!

My studio is named after the Hungarian term „pillangó csók“, meaning „butterfly kiss“ in English. 

Besides my artistic work in the studio, I am also planning to invite other artists on a regular basis. Not only for the purpose of working together, but also as for having fruitful discussions. 

Also, a series of events is in the making. Due to my relatedness to Hungary and the Hungarian language it is my utmost concern that „pillangó csók“ will be a space for cross-national dialogue. 

The studio opening will be held according to the current CoViD guidelines. There is no tight time frame for the festivities, but a continual coming and going. On three days between 1 and 8 p.m. visitors can join, have a glimpse on my artwork, inform themselves about new projects and mingle. 


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