The Venus – Communication / Workshop

The Venus – Communication / 15th – 17th of March, WIFI Eisenstadt

The idea for this workshop derived after last years presidential election in the US. Eva-Maria followed the election campaign very interested and asked herself the question: Why do politicians win elections? What about their way of speaking? And what can a “normal” person do if they are not happy with the election´s result?

In her opinion the only way of changing something in today´s world is to change your way of communication.

The idea for “The Venus-Communication” was born.

This workshop teaches how to bring the language of respect, of love, of togetherness, of intuition in a materialized, male dominated world.
In this workshop the participants will learn to see and accept themselves, to use their new point of few in communication, to play and relax.
Be passive, but strong by being weak.

1. Part: How to love and accept yourself

2. Part: Feelings and communication

3. Part: Deconstruct and be free

The three parts can be booked single.

For booking and more information follow this Link

or email to Eva-Maria





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