Workshops – Continuing education

Continuous learning:
I consider my students being my best teachers. By getting instant feedback and watching them I learn of every given unit. Current topics are part of my teaching, therefore every workshop is well prepared and fit to the situation.

Insights of a student:
My learning of the Hungarian language since 2019 put me into the position of a student. By studying myself I can see now what is needed to learn effectively. Methods of concentration and learning became an important part of my work.

Fields of interests in 2021:
Besides of learning a foreign language, I try to get an understanding of history and historic connections. Also mythology and legends. Mainly: Eastern Europe, Asia.

2019 until now
Hungarian at the Language Center of the University of Vienna.
Level B1 / phase 2
Summer term 2021 finished with an A.

From 2013 until now
Bodywork, body and improvisation, sensuality, exploring physical limits.

2013 – 2017
Free courses at the Open Acting Academy, Vienna.
Improv theater in the group of Schwelle 7, Vienna.
Improv Long Form, Amsterdam
Courses with Keith Johnstone, Berlin
and Frank Totino, Vienna
Singing lessons, private, Vienna

2011 – 2016
Dance lessons
Salsa LA Style, standard dances
Participation in international dance festivals and many courses
Intensive training until 2016

Education on how to train apprentices, WIFI Wien

Improv in Los Angeles.
Getting to know improvisation techniques. Private lessons with an actress.

Eva-Maria and Keith Johnstone at a three day Impro-workshop in Berlin, summer 2016.