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Status and body language
Date: Wednesday, Sept. 27th, 2023
Time: 6.30 – 9.00pm @ Schuhm├╝hle, Schattendorf
Price: 30 Euros
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In this workshop we try to find out more about societal systems, hierarchy and status. We ask the question: Is it possible to undermine the rigid system?

Workshops in the planning stage:

“Working on large format” – workshop for children.
Free artistic expression on large-format picture media.

“Stories and how to tell them” – workshop for the whole family, or groups.
Joint analysis of a well-known story, approach to a pictorial representation of the characters. Work in words and pictures. Free choice of artistic technique.
Thoughts on narrative structures that we find in everyday situations.

“Respect – recognizing boundaries, setting limits” – For respectful treatment of oneself and others.

Pencils for working on paper. Transform-Arte 2019
Transform-Arte 2019: Three days of exhibition. Thoughts about peace in my project space “Room without time”
Transform-Arte 2017: Eva-Maria after three days of working on the large scale.
Kids working with me on canvas and paper. Transform-Arte 2017