Workshops – Philosophy

For a long time, teaching was not something I thought about. Until my 30th birthday in 2010, I wanted to work mainly in film and do art. I was traveling a lot and my interest was in the big, wide world. No road was too far.
Until I was advised that I had the spirit of a teacher in me.
At first I could not work with it. However, there were initial discussions with the WIFI in Eisenstadt regarding personality-enhancing instruction for apprentices.
My interest was aroused.

In Los Angeles in 2009, I already had my first experience with improv – improvisational theater – because that was how I prepared myself linguistically for the course at UCLA.
If I were to teach, it would be in the spirit of improvisational theater. Because that, as I have experienced it, promotes mental agility and pushes the performer to his or her limits.

In my artistic work, too, I have repeatedly experienced limits. In order to be able to control those and to use them in a targeted way, I wanted to learn the skill that actors also use, namely to change into different roles and to be able to step out of them again.
It seemed to me that this was the next logical and appropriate step in my further education.
From 2013 onwards, I took part in various acting courses to broaden my artistic experience, or rather to develop the teaching I believe in.

To recognize, challenge and encourage the person as an individual.

Eva-Maria teaching the going-to-be master craftsmen of Metal Technology, WIFI Eisenstadt, 2019