HEADS – The project

The whole work consists of photography, rollups, layouts, texts and the HEADS, which was created and designed by me.
Together with my clients Markus Marchhart – head of the guild of metal workers – and Martin Steinhäufl I have realized the project.
Markus realized my designs of the HEADS, since he is a owner of a big metal producing company and a very skilled developer.

The main idea behind the project is, that it all fits into a suitcase, easy to transport. So the HEADS can be deconstructed and put flat into the suitcase.
The rollups can be easily transported as well but also create a space as soon as you put them up.
Markus, Martin and Eva-Maria are going to be the people who present the project to the public, so there is a high recognition value to these three on the rollups.

The HEADS build the center of the presentation, since they show the variety and the creativity metal can be used for, but we also ask the question “What would the world be without metal?” to point out how important this material is and was for mankind.

Concept, photography, text, layout, design of HEADS: Eva-Maria Biribauer
Realization of HEADS: Markus Marchhart
In cooperation with: Martin Steinhäufl

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