Inventive Spirits

Encouragement of the human being in all its forms – that´s the aim of Eva-Maria´s work!

Her fields of activity include painting, concept development, costume design, performance, lecturing and workshops.
Artistic impulses serve to reshape thoughts and foster self development. Music, motion and freedom of expression are given to open minded and interested people.

Art and artistic products, new ways of the utilization of art, successful communication, awareness and values, pleas for freedom and openness – all these are goals that Inventive Spirits pursues.

Eva-Maria sets no limits to herself and the development of her company. Universalism, curiosity for new things, childlike thirst for research – cheers to life!

Eva-Maria in Budapest, Sept. 2023. Photographed by Pásztor Csaba.

Eva-Maria Biribauer
Inventive Spirits e.U.
Hauptstrasse 46
7221 Marz

T: 0676 / 5700456


Hauptstrasse 31
7221 Marz

Costume rental:
Hauptstrasse 44
7221 Marz