2009  UCLA – Los Angeles “Professional Program in Motion Picture Producing”
Certificate Program, financed through a fellowship for artistic continuing education by the government of Burgenland (Austria)

2007 – 2008  Master of Arts “TV and Film Production”, Donau University, Krems (Austria)

Master’s thesis:  “China – The New Film Industry Goldmine?”
My master´s thesis is an in-depth analysis of the Chinese film market, with a focus on Hollywood and European film production companies and distributors and their efforts to establish themselves in the Chinese market. Beginning with the opening of China in 1979 and the further development of the Chinese film industry, the thesis gives an overview of the current situation and outlines how future developments in film production, distribution and exhibition might unfold for foreign investors and film production companies. In doing so, it analyzes and questions the political, social and economic backgrounds of the Chinese film market. Drawing on broad-based research, the thesis concentrates on the situation in the official, commercial film market.

Projects in Film Production and Conceptualization

2012  Website conceptualization and project management

2011  “Sound of Water”  Conceptualization of a corporate video and an advertising campaign for a hotel in Carinthia, Austria (not completed)

2010  Wrote the documentary “Extras”, optioned by TV 60 – Film, Munich, Germany

2009 July – December
XYZ Films, Los Angeles. Worked on various aspects of independent movie producing, including script coverage, story notes, film festivals, packaging

2009 October – November
ICM- International Creative Management, Los Angeles
Worked at CEO Jeff Berg’s desk on the Roman Polanski case and in the Global Branding department. Also worked with various agents and their assistants on marketing and financing aspects

October 2008 – February 2009
Producer at Lichtfilm, Cologne, Germany
Developed and produced feature documentaries:
“Edles Halbblut” (“Noble Half-Breed”), 90 min.
Writer/director: Wolfgang Bergmann, Production company: Lichtfilm GmbH, co-producers: WDR/Arte, Eureka Media/Poland, Tivoli Film/Hungary
“Starfighter – Chronicle of a Scandal”, 90 min.
Writer/director: Kai Christiansen, Production company: Lichtfilm GmbH in cooperation with RBB/Arte
Researcher “Liebesgrüße aus Ramstein” (“Loving Greetings from Ramstein”), 90 min.
Writer/director: Irene Langemann, Production company: Lichtfilm GmbH in cooperation with Deutsche Welle TV

2008 March-October:
Freelance producer for Lichtfilm, Cologne
Assistant to producer Wolfgang Bergmann on documentaries such as
“Russlands Wunderkinder 2 – Die Konkurrenten” (“Russia’s Child Prodigies 2 – The Competitors”) , 90 min, writer/director: Irene Langemann, Production company: Lichtfilm GmbH with WDR/Arte, Media, Filmstiftung NRW, among others

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